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Our vision of the Future

Alyth For Future Generations

  • Built Environment: “I would like Alyth to be a town that  primarily offers good facilities to cater for all the residents. If this is to be achieved by encouraging visitors then I feel that improvements need to be made to the visual presentation of the town, and better provision is required for decentralised parking for hikers/visitors.”
  • Parks, Recreation and Heritage: “I think that the future of the town might lie in the community woodland. Tourism, recreation and the natural environment are going to be important in the future.”

Alyth For Future Generations

  • Community and Culture: “An inclusive well-presented and welcoming town with something for everyone in the way of community activities.”
  • Nature and Environment: “Resilient to climate change. More wildlife and fewer cars. More local food growing and local shops. Easier to live a low-carbon lifestyle but still possible to earn a living. A doughnut economy in action.”

Alyth For Future Generations

  • Local Economy and Tourism: “Alyth would benefit from being a tourist destination. We have the Cateran Trail, Eco-museum, Alyth Den and many other places of interest. It should be clean, welcoming, friendly. It would need more accommodation and restaurants which would mean more jobs in town. More individual shops.“
  • Services and Accessibility: “Make streets, access to shops etc much more accessible, and stop cars parking on pavements and on corners.”

Becoming a Greener Community

  • A greater focus on recycling with improved recycling facilities
  • Encourage shopping locally to reduce imports
  • Community workshops to teach people how to grow food
  • Encourage car-free travel

Post-Covid-19 Recovery

  • Help young people catch up with schooling
  • Safely restart clubs to help combat social isolation
  • Support small businesses
  • Better bus services – improve connectivity to outlying homes and nearby towns

More Information

For further information on our community’s vision of the future, please visit the CAP reports page.

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