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Alyth’s Entangled Tea Set

A photo of a handmade tea service with surface printing and glazing

What is the Entangled Tea Set?

Drawing on Alyth’s rich past, present and vision of the future, community members have contributed to the creation of a tea set which explores ‘what gives life?’ in this community and how we can sustain it into the future as we face the challenges ahead.

Why a tea set?

The idea for the tea set came from some of the themes that arose again and again:

  • The importance of hospitality and community here in Alyth;
  • The representation of ‘water contained’ as comfort and aspiration;
  • The role that conversation and connection must play in facing the challenges ahead.

How will it be used?

The hope is that the Entangled Tea Set will be used both as a ceremonial and an everyday resource for the community: we want it to provide tangible opportunities to think together about the things that matter – to think about life here in this community and how we will sustain it. We also want it to feel like something that can be used when community members want to use it – indoors and outdoors. While the set isn’t big enough for the whole community to use in one sitting, we hope it will be enjoyed by the whole community at different moments of connection well into the future. The Alyth Community Market is the first official outing for the tea set. Come to view and admire it.

We are delighted that while it is not in use for community events, the tea set will be on display at TOPIC on Airlie Street.

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