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Cateran EcoMuseum

Cateran EcoMuseum

Our local Museum is right in the heart of Alyth. Come along and visit, it’s open 4 days a week and you can take an inspiring wander through history. The Museum itself is packed with a rich collection of photographs, art works and treasures from the town.

If that isn’t enough, the Alyth Museum also features the amazing Cateran Eco Museum Hub.

What is an Eco Museum?

Originating in France in the 1970’s Ecomuseums focus on the identity of a place with the term “éco” being a shortened form for “écologie”. Still a relatively new concept, there are around 300 worldwide and only one other in Scotland, on Skye.

Set in specific landscapes, they offer:
•  a unique mechanism for community engagement with heritage – empowering people to manage their own heritage by taking an active role in preserving the objects, sites and cultural practices they value
•  a frame for a much more holistic interpretation of cultural heritage, quite different to the focus on specific items and objects, performed by traditional museums whose collections are sited inside a building.
•  an unusual focus for the development of sustainable cultural tourism.

The Cateran EcoMuseum traverses Perthshire, Angus and the southern edge of the Cairngorms National Park, encompassing millions of years of geological history and thousands of years of human history. They’ve designed a series of walks, cycles and drives in different locations, which you can find out about via their website or social pages.

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