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Retained Alyth Flood Team

The Retained Alyth Flood Team (RAFT) has been established as the first volunteer team in Scotland to pioneer a proactive approach to addressing flooding risk within a community. Members of the team are paid for attending planning and training sessions but are not paid for volunteering during an emergency.

Contacting RAFT

During an emergency

During an emergency, RAFT will be monitoring these channels and you should get a quick response.

Call, text or WhatsApp: 07741646356

Facebook: Alyth Resilience Team

Outwith an emergency

Outside an emergency you can leave a message using these channels and a member of RAFT will contact you.

Text or WhatsApp: 07741646356


Facebook: Alyth Resilience Team

Be flood prepared

If you live in an area that is vulnerable to flooding it makes sense to prepare a Household Resilience Plan. Image of front cover of Scottish Flood Forum Household Resilience PlanThe Scottish Flood Forum have details of how to do this with a step-by-step guide. Some of the most useful steps are;-

  • Sign up to the SEPA floodline service at / 0345 988 1188
  • Prepare an emergency flood kit.
  • Obtain floodgates, airbrick covers etc to protect your property. Scottish Flood Forum can give advice and it might be possile to organise bulk purchases to bring down the cost.
  • Have a plan for fitting floodgates etc and for protecting valuable items.
  • Have emergency contacts in your mobile phone or close to hand.

Useful contacts

Scottish Flood Forum

An organisation which supports individuals and communities at risk from flooding. They have lots of resources to help with preparing for flooding and recovering from a flood.

Enquiry line open weekdays 9am – 5pm: 0131 563 9392.


Real time monitoring of river levels

Traffic Scotland

Up-to-date traffic and travel information

SEPA Floodline

Register your address to receive flooding alerts by phone or text

0345 988 1188

Met Office Weather Warnings

Subscribe to receive weather warnings for the Tayside area via email.

Alternatively visit the page above to get links to the iOS / Android apps for Met Office Weather Warnings.

PKC Flooding Team

Emergency telephone: 01738 476476

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